Wake ‘N’ Crank


Wake N Crank is a 7" lure that both wakes and cranks down. It comes equipped with Owner #1 ST-36 Treble hooks and genuine Worth SS rings. This bait has accounted for tourney wins and big fish nationwide over the years and is the flagship of Toxic Baits. Baits comes with tails and toothpicks to attach. 

7" 2.5ozs.

Wade Hoggs


Wade Hoggs is a 7.5" 4oz wakebait that also cranks down. The soft plastic tail pokes through the surface of the water with a tantalizing wiggle. This bait has accounted for many fish over 10 lbs and stacks of tourney wins nationwide. Equipped with 1/0 Owner ST-36 trebles and Worth stainless steel split rings.

Micro Mink


5" Body 3oz Mink imitation that uses a Zoom Mag trick worm cut down for a tail. This bait is designed to sit low, wake and twitch slowly and crankdown on the faster retrieve speeds. The Micro Mink has accounted for lots of big fish with very limited numbers ever being distributed. Only a couple dozen total. Well its time to bring it to the public. . Thank you! Some cast to catch on the Micro Mink on the Toxic Baits Youtube Channel, click the link and check us out, please click subscribe!

Whipper Snapper


The Toxic Baits Whipper Snapper is a 5" 2.75ozs Wake/Crankdown with a double angled diving lip. Equipped with size #1 owner trebles and HD SS Worth Rings, it is a small bait ready to tackle big fish! This allows the bait to wake and also crankdown very well. It also comes equipped with the Toxic skirted pec fins. These simple skited fins have a natural fish enticing action on the retrieve and flare when paused, alot of times triggering strikes from reluctant fish.



The Toxic Baits SlobStopper is a small 5" 2.75oz. walking bait. With its gill like profile, skirted pec fins and soft tail it slides through the water side to side with sharp turns and minimal forward movement. The tail and skirted fins undulate on the pause to trigger those relectant followers and turn them into biters. Check out the Slobstopper Promo vid on our YouTube channel

Toxic Lip Lube


All natural lip balm made for Toxic by Kiss-a-bee Products (a.k.a. My Mom). Contains; Shea Butter, Bee's Wax, Healing and protecting Fruit oils and all natural SPF40. This balm is not only for protection but also for healing cracked, chapped or wind burned lips. Two sizes Small (twist up tube) or Large (screw cap pot hold almost 2x the product as the small tube). Comes sealed and bagged.