Dylan Bakker

I couldnt really list all the things that make Dylan Bakker an integral part of Toxic Baits because you would get bored reading after a while. He is a team mate I am lucky to have. Although he isnt an angler himself we bond through our love of creating. When he showed up to the shop in the morning with a custom tee I instantly had to have one. He loves to do it, his styles are fresh, skills are on point, hes and great humble guy i mean whats not to like. Along with his passion for fashion and sewing he is also a accomplished photographer and video artist. I will be featuring garments modified and swagged out through Toxic Baits webstore. Remeber these are hand Cut and Sewn mods that make the garments stand out in a crowd of the same old same. I will always support the American craftsman and I am lucky enough to have one in house. Thanks for stopping by Toxic Baits. 

Follow him on Instagram @Dylanbakkerphoto